Special interests groups

Four reasons you should network or join a special interest group:


1. Get involved
Leaders must have a broad understanding of community needs and volunteer their time to a range of activities that reach and benefit the community. Through each individual and group activity that we are truly engaged, we share our passion to improve and share benefits.

2. Increase your experise
Special group roles require team players and strategic thinkers. Bring your expertise to the table. Leverage your unique skill set as well as your connections as you put your professional skills to work on behalf of the Alumni Association.

3. Be consistent
By assuming even the smallest role in the Alumni Association you demonstrate a consistent commitment which indicates maturity and dependability

4. Stay visible
Many leadership roles are filled based on personal recommendations. Developing strong relationships with fellow Alumni and University staff will help ensure your efforts are noticed.

4. Stay visible
Many leadership roles are filled based on personal recommendations. Developing strong relationships with fellow Alumni and University staff will help ensure your efforts are noticed.

We are keen to create more special interest groups so in the event you wish to set up a group please get in touch with us at.

Special Groups

Accountants Group - Marios Trimithiotis
Warriors Basketball Team - Andreas Kokkinos
Management and Leadership Group - Andreas Hadisophocleous
Psychologist Group - Christie Georgiou
Musicians Group - Nia Balafa & Maria Avraam
Graphic Designers Group - Menelaos Vakhou
Charity Group - Chris Frangou
Social Group - Chris Frangou

Accountants Group

My name is Marios Trimithiotis and I have graduated from EUC with a Bachelor degree in Accounting. I am currently working in the Finance Department of a Bank in Cyprus. No one can deny the fact that the primary goal for most university students is to get a degree. On the other hand, it is also important to create professional relationships with other students and professors on campus. Networking does not end once someone graduates from university but instead is very important for someone’s career growth as new opportunities may arise and unpublished job offers might lead to your dream job.

Currently, there are so many EUC graduates in the field of Accounting and Finance that are holding different positions in several organizations. EUC graduates hold key positions in the business environment of Cyprus. Good networking involves having authentic conversations with interesting people so it is very important to get organized in order to get to know each other and set together future networking events and opportunities. Accounting professionals can share know-how, gain the advice of experienced peers, discuss different aspects of career growth. Discussing common challenges and opportunities opens the door to valuable insights, suggestions and guidance. Making mistakes and learning from them is an important part of life, but through networking, we are able to learn from others in a safe environment before having to face them in the real business world.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know each other and I am sure it will be an enjoyable and enriching experience that not only creates huge benefits in work, but in life as well. Get in touch at mariostrimithiotis@gmail.com

Warriors Basketball Team

I am a Sports Management graduate. Even though muscular dystrophy made my life a bit more complicated, my passion for sports and athleticism was way bigger to hold me back.

I was watching some of my best friends participating in basketball amateur championships. I was excited since my childhood years just listening to a basketball bouncing, the smell of the court, the adrenaline. I could be involved in any team sport, I can watch any one of these or study for hours but basketball always had an asterisk of preference in my mind. A few months later I decided to create my own basketball team. Starting from zero I had to find a court, players and funding so I prepared an organization plan in order to weigh my options.

I must admit I was very lucky since European University Cyprus Alumni Association showed from the very first moment a great interest about this project. My vision was to create an Alumni Association Basketball Team and the Alumni Association was glad to help me realize my dream. Our team “Warriors” started playing in the third division and soon enough, within a year, we have moved to the second division. Through trials we want to attract players of all ages and nationalities so we can create a competitive squad.

I often hear that being a perfectionist is bless and curse and it’s possibly true but I have some principles since I was a child. The most important of those is that “when you decide to do something, do it good”. Everything I’m involved - from the most significant to the least important- should be executed perfectly, so seeking more of us to join the WARRIORS!! Get in touch with me at kokkinosandreas@hotmail.com

Management and Leadership Team

Management and Leadership are two skills which are essential not only in a business environment but also in an everyday life setting. To develop these skills one has to study the theory and most importantly to practice in real life situations. In this group we will discuss and share articles, stories, examples of Management and Leadership from a personal and professional viewpoint.
Everyone is welcome to share their viewpoint.

For any recommendations or questions please feel free to write to me at hjs.andreas@gmail.com

Psychologists Group

I have nothing but fun memories and great things to say about the European University Cyprus B.A. Psychology program. My favorite thing about the program was the small class sizes. I felt that I got a great one-on-one learning experience in every class. Another important aspect of the experience was the close relationships we developed with professors and fellow classmates. There’s nothing better than going to class and feeling comfortable with everyone in the room! In addition to the great classroom experience, I learned a lot from working with different supervisors who pushed me, challenged me, and provided the guidance I needed. I also felt that during my internship I met with a diverse group of patients which, enabled me to learn a variety of different skills.

The Psychology program also trained me to become a competent researcher. I love that the program has an equal emphasis on scientific research and practice. These skills helped me to land a job that I love. It is not though related directly with the field of psychology but on a relevant field. After all, isn’t this is the true meaning of studies?? Obtain life skills that can be apply in many disciplines!!!

I am truly interested to catch up with all of you and learn more about your path. I am certain that by exchanging experiences, ideas and views we can help each other progress.

Of course, socializing and having fun is another area we can explore. So let me hear you. I need your recommendations and ideas. Write to me at georgiouchristia@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon.

Musicians Group

During my Studies in European University Cyprus B.A. Music program I took all the useful knowledge and skills required for a career in music. The teachers promoted us on concerts, lectures, workshops and masterclasses and that was a good opportunity to gain remarkable experiences and expand our horizons in music. I have worked a lot with my professors who challenged and pushed me to develop the right skills and knowledge I needed. The program of Music at European University Cyprus was also help me to broaden my interests in music, by guiding me to attend in the ERASMUS+ Traineeship Program in the Public Relations & Music position at the Ionian University (Corfu). There I was advertise and organize music events, concerts and academic conferences. That experience opened to me new job opportunities in Cyprus and abroad.

Currently I am teaching flute, piano and music theory in music conservatories, organize some music projects in schools and attend in many ensemble performances.

I strongly feel that as musicians we can share many experiences and gain a better understanding of the local and European music scene and job market.

Get in touch with me at mariaavraam@hotmail.com

Maria Avraam

Four unimaginable years of knowledge, hands on experience and creation!I truly loved every minute of it! I found the four year layout of the course very organised. Classes were somehow parallel with the level of our maturity as students and the trends of our era. I got to attend pioneering lectures and seminars which broadened my perspective as a musician and fellow teacher and got the opportunity to explore all genres of music and performance!I will always look back to those experiences with gratefulness and pride.

So the key for me is to be a YES person from the very beginning of your studies and why not even after your studies as Alumni there is no reason to stop growing and learning! Let’s all join the Music group to network to share know how and to advance as professionals even further.

Get in touch with me at eugeniabalafa@gmail.com

Nia Balafa
Lead, Backing/Harmony Vocalist & Vocal Instructor, Musical Theatre Performer

Graphic Design Group

From the most important moments in my life until now are the experience I have gained while studying at the European University Cyprus, where I obtained my degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. The specific degree programme is designed in such a way as to show a lot of skill and simplicity, all aspects and the various fields of graphic design.

The teaching staff (whom I would like to warmly thank) with creative professionals and strong personalities, with careful planning has provided us with valuable advice and a varied approach to graphic design and advertising. The whole procedure has achieved to stimulate my enthusiasm and the feeling of joy through creating. Undoubted my study, has provided me with the opportunity to test my test my capabilities in projects which cover the whole range of the graphic design field. I have learnt to see and function as an artist, to experiment expressively and boldly and to continuously search for new ways of expressing with ideas which communicate uniquely and effectively through graphic design.

During my studies I was selected by the career office of the European University of Cyprus and was invited to participate in Internship program. I was also offered many opportunities to participate in competitions and group exhibitions. In 2010 I excelled in global competition and in 2012 was appointed to participate in an exhibition held in Saint Vincent in Italy in winter 2012 to 2013 representing the European University Cyprus. . In January 2014 I was chosen to participate in the program Leonardo da Vinci Mobility project for a period of 12 weeks as an assistant Graphic Designer in Web Design Company in Birmingham, England. I have been nominated for the European University Cyprus & Cyprus College Microsoft Innovation Center Alumni Awards 2016.

My future professional plans include the creation of different art exhibitions, so that I can present samples of my work, wishing to promote my personality, knowledge, efforts and my own approach on various issues through the visual world of graphic design.

I would like to hear your experiences form your student life in the branch of graphic design of our university. Together we can create a field of discussion and information crossing, and then to produce a field of developing proposals which concern the branch of visual communication and design.

Write to me at menelaosvakhou@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon.

Charity Group

Hello everyone. My name is Chris Frangou and I am the leader of the Charity Committee. I would like to share my thoughts with you all about this committee which intends to strengthen Alumni impact and benefit to the community, support important causes and spread optimism.

HOPE is a very powerful word. A very meaningful concept. It exudes positivity and consolation, expectation, affirmative thinking for the present and the future. We strongly want to convey the message that science and social interest can illuminate and change the lives of ill children and fill it with hope. In the face of children one should see the aspiration, joy and continuity. In a changing world, in the new Europe that is born, the hope for a better life for ill children will always be alive.

Personally, I wish to set a common goal. Let’s continue to provide to the community through charities that provide hope to children.

Because the participation itself CAN NOT injure love, crack the hope, destroy friendships, polarize the soul create the winning the spirit.

This is what I hope of accomplish with this committee. Join me and let’s put a smile in young kids’ faces. Please write to me at chrisfrangou@gmail.com

Social Group

Hello everyone. My name is Chris Frangou and I am the leader of the Social Committee. I would like to share my thoughts with you all about this committee which intends to strengthen Alumni relations and introduce events that will bring us together.

What is of a great value in life? WHAT IS THE BEST INVESTMENT? I happen to believe that friends and family are the most precious assets in our life. In the same manner I consider my ex classmates my second enlarged family. I wish all of us to continue to grow together. Knowledge does not stop in a content of a book. At this face of our life social networking can help all of us to stay connected.


Let’s join forces, plan new events and happenings. I would love to have more of you joining our group. Please write to me at chrisfrangou@gmail.com