Alumni Awards

Each year, The EUC/CyCollege Alumni Association celebrates the diverse achievements of our members with a number of alumni awards. Since 2015, these awards annually recognize graduates who have accomplished outstanding success in their fields and made exemplary contributions to their community. Our goal is to support and encourage excellence amongst the business and alumni community.

Nominate an Alumni

Alumni award nominations for all awards are accepted year-round. If you wish to nominate a candidate who you feel has helped shape the world and strengthen our alumni community, please address your recommendation to or The Alumni Awards Committee selects, through a competitive process, the recipient who made a lasting impact on society through outstanding professional, philanthropic, innovative and/or volunteer accomplishments.

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The Association grants the following awards:

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award

This award recognizes entrepreneurs who pursue a journey of opportunity, exploration and risk management to create financial value and/or social good. The award distinguishes alumni who have chosen the challenging path of entrepreneurship and are committed to pursuing creative solutions and innovation.

Women Achievement Award

This award recognizes women whose work and actions benefited the business community and/or society. The award recognizes women who have achieved professional excellence within their area of specialization and have actively paved the way for other women to succeed.

Alumni of the Year Award

This award recognizes and honors the outstanding achievements of alumni in their local communities and beyond. Candidates should prove that their accomplishments inspire and provide leadership to students and all alumni and their actions may be considered as commendable.

Special Contribution Award

This award recognizes and honors each year a citizen that exhibits distinguished service in the areas of education, culture or contribution to community work.


Past Alumni Awards