History - Mission & Vision

The European University Cyprus and Cyprus College Alumni Association was created in 2011 in an effort to reconnect friends and create a community that extends across the globe.

The Alumni Association’s activities create a strong community network that cultivates the development of cooperation among its alumni. European University Cyprus supports graduates by offering a package of benefits and by financing the operation of the Association in an effort to help conceptualize synergies and further promote alliances and business opportunities.

Some of the Association’s major accomplishments have been to:

  • Build the Alumni community of over 5,000 members in the local chapter. A Greek chapter is underway.
  • Build a Business Directory.
  • Build a website and an alumni app.
  • Create the Alumni Basketball Team “Warriors”.
  • Organize four Life Long Learning Programs with over 800 participants.
  • Organize two Alumni Awards Ceremonies.
  • Offer four scholarships valuing over €125,000.
  • Organize several charitable and information campaigns.
  • Create a strong social media presence.

In a short span of five years, we are proud of our accomplishments, and our commitment to serve and enhance relations is ever so strong! We need more of you since each and every one of you add a unique piece to this mosaic, enriching everyone’s experiences. If you haven’t join yet, you can do so online by following this link.

The European University Cyprus and Cyprus College Alumni Association empowers all members to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection with the university and other graduates in the community. Our mission is to have a concise path with clear objectives, values and strategies. We envision a future where all alumni connect, interact, exchange experiences, network and position themselves in a manner that allows us to build together a pipeline of success. Engagement is the number one priority along with high quality services that we strive to offer to our alumni. Help us create history and celebrate our successes!

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