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Panayiotis Charalambous

When did you graduate from EUC / CC?
I’m a holder of a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree; graduated in 2007 and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Marketing); graduated in 2005.

How did your career progress and what position do you hold now?
Over the last seventeen years I worked in a variety of positions in different industries such as Food and Beverage, Shipping, Building and Construction and Pharmaceutical. Currently, I work at Cambrooke Therapeutics, a USA pharmaceutical company at the position of Commercial and Operations Director for International Operations.

What would your peers and friends say your strengths and weaknesses are?
I‘m a highly organized and committed individual who gives great attention to detail. I’m analytical and have the ability to understand the big picture concept. The high standards I set at my work, do at times, cause more pressure to himself and his colleagues.

What advice do you have for young graduates?
Set clear and achievable goals based on your strengths and weaknesses. Work hard and be patient. Stick to your goals and revisit them often.

Would you like to share any thoughts with fellow alumni?
Work environment is becoming very competitive and demanding and this creates additional stress and anxiety. In such cases, certain people may try to exploit a specific situation. Do not get disappointed, be honest and ethical and be strong to face them.

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