Message from the Director of Student Affairs

New alumni provide the continuity that multiplies a university and are one of the major pillars of its success. A university can replace its programs, buildings, staff and faculty, but its alumni is a constant value who maintain a lifelong relationship with the University. They are the keepers of its tradition and the living proof of its accomplishments.

New Alumni, you are now part of an active and vigorous community counting over 5,500 Alumni members already. I encourage you to engage and stay involved at any level you see fit. One of your Alumni Association’s goals is to continue advancing networking and developing an organization with a strong base of support and strong leaders. We’re proud of our Alumni and our University. Your involvement will show that you share the same pride. As you join the ranks of the European University Cyprus and Cyprus College Alumni Association, you enter a new network of energetic change setters and pioneering individuals. Use your talents and abilities, share your knowledge, evolve through our network and always keep in mind that European University Cyprus consider it a privilege to support each one of you in your future endeavors.

Eleni Markantoni
Director of Student Affairs
Office of Student Affairs
Department of Admissions & Marketing

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