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Marios Savva

When did you graduate from EUC / CC?
July 2008.

Would you share with us a highlight of your university experience? Is there something that you will always remember?
It would have to be the relationships I struck up with my fellow students. I will always remember the friendships I made there with the students, as well as some of the teachers. Being a mature student, my fellow students would approach me and talk with me about their personal lives as well as the lessons we were studying. They would open up to me about their difficulties, both academic and personal, and I felt immense gratification in offering a humble word of advice.

How did your career progress and what position do you hold now?
A few years after finishing EUC I went to England where I embarked on writing and publishing books in Amazon. I have published six books on psychology and three suspense thrillers. My books can be found here

What would your peers and friends say your strengths and weaknesses are?
They would say my strengths are my kindness, and my compassion, as well as my knowledge of psychology. My weaknesses would probably be that I am a house-cat; that is, I like staying at home!

Tell me about a person or an event that has markedly changed you.
My spiritual father. I am a Christian Orthodox. Twenty years ago, a Monk-priest markedly changed my life in that I take my faith seriously and try to live my life in a manner befitting of someone who tries to love Christ.

Have you ever tried something and failed, but were glad you did it?
I am trying to become a successful author, but I am still anonymous in the publishing world! But I am glad my books are out there and it is something I love doing. I will continue to publish novels regardless of their success!

What advice do you have for young graduates?
Learn patience. Don’t expect to be always happy; there is no such thing. Patiently endure the difficulties and hardships that come to all of us - and always harbour hope. Always.

Would you like to share any thoughts with fellow alumni?
I am grateful for my time at EUC. As well as for my degree, which gave me several tools which I have found useful and important in my life. Also, I would like to encourage my fellow alumni to read my first novel, Dark of Night, which has received many good reviews on Amazon.

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