Spotlight on you!

George Malekkos

When did you graduate from EUC / CC?

Would you share with us a highlight of your university experience? Is there something that you will always remember?
My university years were great! Teachers were more friends with us than distant and my colleagues were fun. With some of them, both teachers and colleagues, we developed a strong bond, that we still keep in touch and are very good friends.
Due to the fact that I was very vigorous and energetic, my memories are inappropriate to share.

How did your career progress and what position do you hold now?
While I was at University, I was working at a company as a programmer, but I always had in my plans to create my own business and I was sure I would succeed. When I graduated, also having the working experience, I started implementing my plans, by working 20 hours per day and sometimes being sleepless for 3 consecutive days. At the beginning, I was working alone, after 5 years we became 4 employees and during the years Powersoft Computer Solutions LTD grew bigger, having today 20 team members and more than 1400 clients.
Powersoft is the only company to earn TickIT certification, an ISO 9001 specialisation, and also the leader in Retailing, offering the new software generation of Powersoft365, which is provided by CYTA at the form of software as a service.

What would your peers and friends say your strengths and weaknesses are?
My strength is that I am very stubborn. I always set high standards and goals, trying to achieve them or fail, having the belief that this process makes me better.
My weakness is that I am straight forward with people and I always say what I think or believe, but this is not always likeable or welcome

Tell me about a person or an event that has markedly changed you.
At University, I was also responsible for some fashion shows. One of them was a real challenge for me, as we had no sponsors and only 3 days to make it all happen, so I conscripted and trained nonstop for 3 days a team of colleagues. That experience was the one that convinced me that whatever goal I set, I can achieve it. Sky is the limit.

Have you ever tried something and failed, but were glad you did it?
Have I ever failed? Hundred of times but each failure is what lifts me up again more stronger. I always have another chance; failure for me in not an option.

What advice do you have for young graduates?
Young graduates must use the media they have available to their benefit, not just for wasting their time. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are great tools when you use them for professional reasons or for catching up with friends. It is not right, though, losing the communication with your friends, for example when you go for a coffee and all you do is following your social media. Social media is a tool for socializing, not the way to socialize.

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