Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to be a member of the Alumni Association?

Anyone who graduated or attended Cyprus College or European University Cyprus is entitle to be a member of the Association.

2. How do I apply for membership?

Submit your application on line . The Office of Student Affairs will review the records to certify your presence at the University. In the event you encounter any difficulty please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 22713152 or by email e.markantoni@euc.ac.cy . If you do not hear from us, it simply means that your application process was fully completed.

3. How can I get in touch with another University alumna/us?

At present, you cannot achieve direct contact with a fellow Alumni. We hope to offer you this service once the business directory section of the website is completed.

4. I've moved/change my contact details . How do I let the University know my new address?

Please email us at e.markantoni@euc.ac.cy and request that we change your contact details.

5. How do I get a copy of my degree or a transcript?

Please contact the registrar at r.athanasiou@euc.ac.cy to request a copy of your degree or a transcript.

6. Where can I find contact information for a University department or service?

Most of the information regarding University activities, services, degrees departments are describe on the University website https://www.euc.ac.cy/en//home. In the event that additional information is required, please contact the specific University School or department.

7. How can I get in touch with my professors or administrative staff of the University?

Please check the University’s directory at https://www.euc.ac.cy/en/contact-us/academic-schools and the following directory for Cyprus College Alumni : http://www.cycollege.ac.cy/easyconsole.cfm/id/763

8. What benefits do alumni receive?

All Alumni benefits are described at the following link: http://alumni.euc.ac.cy./p/alumni-benefits

9. Whom should I contact if I want to recommend an activity or create a special interest group?

Please send you request in writing at e.markantoni@euc.ac.cy

10. Where can I purchase alumni merchandise?

Although we have not as yet finalize this service, it is anticipated that soon you will be able to view and or purchase alumni merchandise on line through the Alumni website.

11.I would like to advertise a job opening, how do I do that?

Use the following link http://alumni.euc.ac.cy./p/recruit-graduates to advertise a vacancy for fellow alumni and young graduates

12. I would like to advertise a company offer, how do I do that?

Use the following link http://alumni.euc.ac.cy./p/bizboard# to advertise your companies offer