Cyprus College

50 Years of Leadership

Cyprus College was founded in 1961 by Ioannis Gregoriou. His purpose was to provide a well-rounded education of high caliber where students would acquire the necessary academic and practical knowledge in the field of Business Administration. Today we are proud to say that this objective has been fully realized. Furthermore, due to the increased needs of students and the needs of the Cypriot economy, more programs have been added over the years.

In 1984 the Computer Science School was created to address the emerging needs of the information technology field. In 1987 a Graduate program (the Master of Business Administration degree) and the Office Administration program were introduced. In 1989 the Travel and Tourism program was developed. With the formation of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Social Sciences program was developed during the academic year 1995-96, the European Studies program in 1997-1998, the English Language and Literature Program in 2002, and the Psychology Program in 2003.

In 1998 the School of Professional Studies was formed through the acquisition of BPP College, an institution which offered primarily professional programs. Thus, the College today, by expanding into the field of professional courses, offers tuition leading to the ACCA, ICAEW, CAT, DiplFR and CFA qualifications.

The academic programs are constructed in such a way so as to ensure a learning experience that will provide students with the necessary academic and professional know-how to enter their profession and to acquire positions of authority. Selecting a college is a very important decision. The choice of Cyprus College as a college for higher education establishes a commitment on our behalf - a commitment that we try our best to fulfill.

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