Career Center Employer Partner Scheme

This Scheme enables Alumni who lead firms which wish to maximize their corporate exposure on campus, by strenghtening their branding through Career and CSR actions. The program enhances your campus visibility and through a series of actions it mulplies synergies and empowers corporate effectiveness.

The program is available only to a limited number of employers who then become partners of the European University Cyprus Career Center services. There are four levels of career partners. For more details and information please contact Eleni Markantoni at

Campus recruiting benefits COPPER
€6,000 *
€13,000 *
Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) 2 year term Membership.
Company logo prominently displayed on the Career Center Wall.
Priority and secured participation to Career Center events.
Establish an Internship Memorandum Agreement.
Employers branding/visibility benefits
Digital promotion of the career partnership. Career Center Website page, Career Center Facebook page, CSM (Career Management Platform), Student Affair Facebook page.
Increase brand visibility and recognition as an employer partner with actions such as spotlight events, field trips, etc.
Anual Employer Branding Benefit/s. Choose or create an event/s for corporate promotion (i.e. Orientation, Welcome Back Party, etc.).
Free use of European University Cyprus conference facilities once/twice a year upon availability and with the undertaking of any staff or catering cost involved. (Advance booking required).
Exclusive benefits
Co-organize an employment forum with international speakers.
Tuition discount for your company employees: 10% (gold) and 20% (platinum) on any undergraduate and graduate program of the Business School.
Direct mail shot (2 times/year on career matters through CSM).
Brand and promote an MBA scholarship under your company’s name.