Bridging the Gap Program

The program, Bridging the Gap, aims to serve the student community and bring alumni in touch with the younger generation. Alumni return to the university to share expertise, professional knowledge and experiences with students. Speakers present and discuss current issues in a friendly and interactive manner, enabling students to comprehend the employment market conditions and developments. Alumni share insight into and knowledge of several sectors of the Cyprus economy, as well as assisting to bridge the gap between theory and practical application through their experience, thus allowing both students and alumni to bond and share know how.

Recently, Mr. Andreas Koundouros, Human Resources Manager of Cube Audit Ltd presented to students the topic: “The Psychosythesis of the Personal Interview.”

Mr. Koundouros stressed what a Curriculum Vitae should include, how each candidate should prepare and analyze the interview and negotiation process. Mr. Koundouros focused on the parameters that HR executives use to analyze and view information from a Curriculum Vitae. He further explained which features promote candidates and how HR executives screen the final group of candidates. Mr. Koundouros referred to the typical mistakes that candidates make during an interview and he underlined the importance of a rich and active biography. He also suggested that social media can empower or destroy a candidate’s opportunities.

The workshop was very effective and interactive since students expressed concerns, asked questions, and received direct and honest feedback.

A lecture entitled “The Ace up your sleeve” conducted by Ms.Persia Xenopoulou, Product Planning Director at, focused on ways to empower each student’s employability. Mrs. Xenopoulou stressed the importance of internship programs and outlined the opportunities offered by Ms Xenopoulou urged students to enrich their CVs with active participation, internship experiences and by broadening their learning horizons.

Another lecture entitled “Introduction to Machine Learning and Big Data” was held in March 2015, via WebEx by Mr.Christos Aniftos, Director in DigitalMR Ltd in London. Mr. Aniftos explained the method by which IT companies analyze consumer data and users of social media. The way we process the preferences, habits and consumer decisions was subject of discussion between Mr. Aniftos and students. Mr. Aniftos also explained the commercial importance and the priority now place by companies in collecting such data.

A stimulating Bridging the Gap presentation took place in December 2015 entitled “Entrepreneurship= Marathon”. The speaker, Mr. Andreas Hadjisofocleous, founder of “We Hug A Cause” and first prize Award recipient of the Youth Power Entrepreneurship Awards and 3rd prize Award recipient of Digital Champion Cyprus, stressed the importance of strategic planning, Innovation and persistence. Mr.  Hadjisofocleous, who is also the President of Global Shapers, encouraged students to dare, to work hard and to pursue their dreams.