Alumni Scholarship Plan


European University Cyprus and Cyprus College Alumni Association (EUC Alumni) awards a scholarship, to a freshman student, as follows:

Alumni Scholarship
50% of tuition fees for all years of studies for new entrants at a Bachelor Level at European University Cyprus or Higher Diploma and Diploma at Cyprus College. This scholarship is awarded only to children of Alumni.

The scholarship amount received may be used only as a tuition waiver by those students who will register for the next academic year.

Eligible Candidates

Eligible for the either scholarship are candidates who:

  • The applicant is a sibling or child of an European University Cyprus or Cyprus College Alumni.
  • Demonstrate academic integrity and good conduct.
  • Have submitted two (2) reference letters.
  • Do not currently receive any other financial aid.
  • Are enrolled for at least 24 credits during the Academic Year (Fall and Spring Semester) for which they will receive the scholarship.
  • Have not been convicted for any fraud or criminal act.
  • Have difficulties to financially support their studies.
  • Can attend a personal interview (if they are shortlisted).

Scholarships are awarded to eligible candidates as follows:

 For new entrants at a Bachelor Level eligible candidates should have:

  • a School Leaving Certificate from a public school with a grade 17 and above or have succeeded in 3 G.C.E. Advanced Level, with a minimum grade of B
  • a School Leaving Certificate from private schools with a grade 85/100 and above or have succeeded in 3 G.C.E. Advanced Level, with a minimum grade of B
  • Have at least one parent who is an Alumni of either of the two academic Institutions (European University Cyprus, Cyprus College)

Procedure for applying for a scholarship

Eligible candidates must complete and submit the required application forms of the EUC Alumni Association Scholarship Plan, by 15 September of same year. Any application submitted after the deadline will not be accepted nor be considered for enrolment. 

Seven members comprise the EUC Alumni Association Board of Directors Awards Committee and conduct the annual evaluation. It is ensure that no Alumni Association Board of Directors Awards Committee member has any relationship with eligible candidates.

During the evaluation procedure eligible candidates will also be asked to attend an interview and will be evaluated based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria and may be asked to submit any other relevant documentation to justify their qualifications or experience. Among others, the Awards Committee will evaluate: a) candidate’s analytical and critical thinking, communication skills, leadership skills and b) the possibility of professional engagement of the candidate after the completion of the degree, clarity in professional goals, career motives.

The evaluation procedure and interviews with short listed candidates will be conducted in September.




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