The Alumni Committee

European University Alumni Network offers lifelong membership to all former students. Currently we have over 5,500 members worldwide and we are growing every year.

The Alumni Association establishes and nurtures relationships between the university and the individuals and organisations which make up the European University Cyprus Alumni Network.

Through the work of our Alumni Association, we aim to provide you with an interesting and enjoyable programme of activities, events and communications. We also offer opportunities for you to share with current students what you have learned and experienced so far, through work shadowing, mentoring and other volunteering opportunities.

Alumni members receive invitations to events which provide the opportunity to socialise, network and hear from a range of experts, and often gain further knowledge through high-profile speakers. You can take advantage of a wide range of free and heavily discounted benefits and services which are exclusive to alumni, including continued access to the library, graduate loyalty discounts to EUC academic and professional programmes and various other discounts.

Most importantly, as an alumnus, whether you are looking for work or are an employer wishing to access a pool of talented students and graduates, the Alumni Association through its network can provide valuable help.

Get Involved. We are committed to the continued development of our alumni, and we value your involvement in European University Cyprus Alumni Association. If you are an EUC alumnus, please visit the European University Cyprus Alumni Association for more information.

Warm regards

Nikos A. Rotsides
BA (Hons), LLB (City),
of Lincoln’s Inn (London), Barrister
Managing Partner

It is very important for all graduates to join the university alumni association. By doing so, you can keep in touch with other alumni members and meet other professionals that work in your field, thus providing you with a network that might help you in the future.

As a member, you can keep up to date with university news, you are eligible for many special alumni benefits and you can help contribute to the wider community.

It’s very important to keep in touch with friends, and by being a member of the alumni association you bring all of these closer to you. We are one big happy family!                        

George Petrides
Marketing and Client Service Manager
SM Colourpix Ltd

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