Alumni Chapters

The EUC and Cyprus College family extends over 76 countries on all five continents. Our mission is to keep on increasing and enhancing inclusiveness; therefore, we invite all international alumni to join an Alumni Chapter in your community. If one hasn’t been created yet, we invite you to start an Alumni Chapter. The Alumni Chapter Program and on-line communities seek to offer opportunities to international alumni to stay involved and connected with fellow alumni and your University.

European University Cyprus and Cyprus College welcomes and encourages any effort for establishing an Alumni Chapter. The purpose of an Alumni Chapter should be the support of the University goals and the strengthening of ties between alumni, the community and the University.

The requirements to set up an Alumni Chapter are:

  • Several enthusiastic and willing individuals who are willing to take initiative and sustain it.
  • A nucleus of 50 Alumni members is required to set up a chapter.
  • Ability to motivate and engage alumni and willingness to work side by side with the Alumni Center for the development of the chapter.

Recommended steps for the creation of an Alumni Chapter

  1. Place a formal request to the Alumni Office so that an invitation for a meeting can be mailed to all alumni in the country.
  2. Directly recruit 5-10 alumni friends who share your passion to form a chapter and work methodologically to invite interest.
  3. Review general concepts and goals of the Alumni Chapter.
  4. Identify activities.
  5. Share responsibilities for the realization of the activities.
  6. Identify long term and short term needs.
  7. Review and adapt the Alumni Association constitution.
  8. Appoint an Alumni Committee or set up an election process.


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