European University Cyprus & Cyprus College Microsoft Innovation Center Alumni Awards

Each year, European University Cyprus & Cyprus College Alumni Association celebrates the diverse achievements of our alumni with a suite of alumni awards. These awards recognise alumni who have accomplished outstanding success in their fields and made exemplary contributions to their community. Our goal is to support and encourage excellence amongst the business and alumni community.

Alumni award nominations for all awards are accepted year-round. In the event that you wish to nominate a candidate, please address your recommendation at or In 2015, European University & Cyprus College Alumni Association granted its first alumni awards setting the ground  for recognizing and honoring our distinguished and committed alumni—those who have shaped the world and strengthened our global alumni community.

The Alumni Awards Committee selects through a competitive process, the recipient who made a lasting impact on society through outstanding professional, philanthropic, innovative or volunteer accomplishments. The Association grants the following Awards:

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award

The award recognizes entrepreneurs who pursue a journey of opportunity, exploration and risk management to create financial value or social good. The award distinguishes alumni who have chosen the challenging path of entrepreneurship and are able to pursue opportunity and innovation.

Women Achievement Awards

The award recognizes women whose work and actions benefited the business community and/or society. Women who have achieved professional excellence within their area of specialty and have actively paved the way to success for other women.

Alumni of the Year Award

The award recognises and honours the outstanding achievements of alumni in their local communities and beyond. Candidates should prove that their accomplishments inspire and provide leadership to students and all alumni and their actions may be considered as commendable.

Special Contribution Award

The European University & Cyprus College Alumni Committee recognises and honours each year a citizen that exhibits distinguished service in the areas of education, culture or contribution to community work.

Alumni Awards Recipients 2017

Alumni of the Year Award

George Malekkos

CEO & Software Innovation Architect, POWERSOFT

George Malekkos is an architect of innovative software systems. He has devoted much of his career to successfully accelerating custom cloud applications. CEO and founder of Powersoft Cyprus, he is a member of the Customer Service Council and leader of the working group for the Whitepaper Practical Guide for the Cloud Services Level as well as Vice President of the Cyprus Technology Business Association CITEA. George is a visiting lecturer in computerized accounting systems at all of the major universities in Cyprus.

He has experience in many European projects under Eureka, Eurostars, FP7 and Cornet and is the project leader and founder of the European program Eureka EUNEA / 1204/11. The e-Powercard project ranks among the most successful stories of EUREKA.

Since June 2015, George has been one of the 30 members of the Digital Advisory Council of Digital Europe. He has served a a mentor and judge in several start-up competitions both in Cyprus and abroad, such as the Digital Champion of Cyprus, Hackathon, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Watify Europe, the European Youth Award (EYA) and many more.

Powersoft was awarded the O.E.B. Innovation Award in 2011. Another important indicator of Powersoft’s impact is that it invests 45% of its budget in research and innovation.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award

Dinos Pastos

Chief Information Security Officer at FinoSofica

A Computer Science graduate, Dinos Pastos, is recognized for his unique contribution to technology and science. While still a student at Cyprus College, Dinos developed a number of technology products related to the mass production of custom upgrades for the Xbox game console. This particular product was the one that allowed software development by third-party developers as well as video game enthusiasts. This device was widely accepted by the technological public and thus sold worldwide after being recognized both for its innovative design and its easy operation.

In 2007, Dinos was a member of the iPhone Dev-Team. Through reverse engineering, they produced the initial iPhone Jailbreak as well as the software to unlock the same device. This method, was compatible with all GSM networks, which allowed the use of the Apple iPhone to operate globally.

This process also allowed the use of software development by third-party developers, before the operation of the well-known App Store. So if you had an iPhone 2G, then you probably used his software.

From 2009 to 2012, Dinos focused on software development at 36 Gaming Malta which produced and operated online gaming platforms. During the same period, he was a founding member of CFI - Computer Forensic Investigations Ltd, where he assisted in the detection of cybercrime cases, the forensic examination of computers and mobile phones, and data retrieval, based on the method of software and closed technologies. From 2013 until today, he has played a leading role in the prevention of ever-lurking cyber threats. Dinos has combined his passion for internet safety with informing, educating and warning the public about cyber risks such as the loss of business data, the loss of privacy and the promotion of protection mechanisms accompanied by best practices that can be applied.

Although his main interests lie in research and implementation of technologies, Dinos also focuses on informatics, research and development, security, CryptoCurrencies, Blockchain, and FinTech. He concentrates his attention on the mechanisms and systems aimed at promoting research, the emergence of technology and the application of science in a rapidly evolving tomorrow.

Today Dinos is the Chief Information Security Officer at FinoSofica.

Women Achievement Awards

Mariza Anastasiades

Mariza holds a master’s degree in voice performance and pedagogy specializing in various vocal techniques and the Bel Canto repertoire. Mariza has embarked on an international career, performing in Cyprus and abroad. In 2017, she received First Prize at the International Singing Competition organized by the Danube Symphony Orchestra in Budapest.

Her repertoire spans from renaissance and baroque era to 20th century music covering operatic, oratorio and lied repertoire.

Mariza has collaborated with orchestras and conductors from the Metropolitan Opera New York( Gregory Buchalter) and with the Varna International Orchestra, where she sang the role of Lauretta from “Gianni Schicchi” in 2019.

In 2017/18 she was part of the OpernFest Prague, where she collaborated with Richard Hein, conductor of the Prague State Opera House (Národní Divadlo).

Mariza also sang with the Danube Symphony Orchestra – Andreas Déak in Budapest, June 2017. In 2018, she performed the role of Drusilla from “L’ incoronazione di Poppea” with the Larissa Symphony Orchestra – under the baton of Christos Ktistakis.

From a very young age,she has taken part in specialized masterclasses in vocal techniques and interpretation aspects with conductors, opera singers and vocal coaches such as Barbara Frittoli, Marco Balderi, Vitalba Mosca (Italy), Claudia Visca (Vienna), Andrea Rost (Germany), Kassandra Dimopoulou, Aris Christofellis (Greece), Marios Andreou (Cyprus), etc.

Mariza studied Classical Singing and Opera in Austria (Conservatory of Vienna) and in Cyprus (M.Mus University of Nicosia), specializing in Italian Bel Canto repertory and vocal technique (MMus, Bmus).

In December 2013, Mariza received the First Prize at the Kyrenia Opera Singing Competition held in New York. In 2015, she received a scholarship as “Student of Excellence in Singing” by the Maria Ioannou Foundation. Mariza is a graduate of the Limassol Music Lyceum “Marios Tokas”.

She is currently teaching talented children at the Pankyprion Odeon in Nicosia, and at the Music Schools of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Mariza recently received the “Laureate Prize” with the highest score in the category ‘Professional Opera Singers’ at the International Singing Competition Belgrade 2019.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award

Marios Stavrou

Marios Stavrou graduated from European University Cyprus with a degree in Social Sciences in 2010 and, then in 2016, he earned a full scholarship from the Australian Government to attend the Monash University Accidents Research Center where he is a PhD candidate in Strategic Road Safety Education.

In 2011,he founded the NGO REACTION where within a few years he managed to operate offices in 22 countries with 12 areas of activity, especially for the youth.

In 2012 he designed and implemented with his team the first comprehensive road safety training program for students and the national guard. Since then, this program has been implemented in all schools and army camps in Cyprus and Greece.

Marios’ commitment and contributions to charitable initiatives has been prolific.

In 2013, Marios created the "ESTIA" Program, which supports children and families who are in a difficult financial situation offering food and toys for Christmas. The program later evolved and today includes three annual visits of children heroes to the Makario Children's Hospital.

In 2014 he established the Humanitarian Crisis Management Center of REACTION, dealing with man-made and natural disasters at local and regional level.

In 2015, in a private meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch, he discussed issues that concerned the youth at a global level.

In 2017 he initiated a large Pan-Cypriot effort to collect food for the Greek flood victims and as the head of the Cyprus Delegation he visited the affected areas.

In 2017 in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Bank of Cyprus, he established the BLOOD BANK (Cyprus) in Greece to cover the blood / platelet / plasma needs of Cypriot patients and / or the injured in Greece.

In pursuit of his efforts, Marios has met with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers and Members of Parliament in more than eight countries to promote youth issues. Furthermore, Marios has created dozens of programs to solve, address and mitigate the problems of youth and society at the local, European and global level. Furthermore, he has iImplemented the National Youth Blood Donation at the Presidential Palace for the last 6 years, in collaboration with the Office of the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Alumni Awards Recipients 2016

Alumni of the Year Award

Nebojsa Petridis

CEO FFG Cyprus

Nebojsa Petridis 39, is born to a Serbian mother and a Greek-Cypriot father. He was raised in Belgrade and in his early twenties moved with his family to the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus where he pursued his higher education and earned a master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the European University Cyprus. Exposed from an early age to the world of business through his family’s enterprises, Nebojsa chose to follow his own path. In the early days of his career he occupied various positions in brand management reaching a portfolio of managing up to 12 different brands. In 2008 he was promoted to Head of Operations within the same company where he contributed in strategic and commercial development of the organization.

In 2010 he was appointed Managing Director of Shiseido Hellas SA Cyprus, a 100% own affiliate of Shiseido Hellas SA Greece, where in the course of 5 years he took the company and Shiseido brand to the new level in the Cyprus market.

In 2015 Nebojsa was appointed CEO of Folli Folie Group Cyprus and also he undertaken the role of Executive Board Member of the group.

Motto: Do to others what you want done to you!

It is a great pleasure and opportunity to stay connected with a considerable number of people who studied together. Even more amazing is to get an update on their career paths and life in general.

Enterpreneurship & Innovation Award

Aristos Aristidou

CEO FFG Cyprus
Director- Dacor Advertising and Media Ltd
Owner and Editor of the first fishing magazine in Cyprus
Owner and Editor of the first yachting magazine in Cyprus
Owner and Editor of Hunt and Shoot Magazine
Organizer of Limassol Boat Show
Organizer of Limassol Car Show and Motion
Owner of the electronic platform
Presenter of web TV show Thirama at

All of us who studied in Cyprus at EUC--either because we couldn’t go abroad or because it was our first choice--have not only professional successes, but also strong personal relationships that stay alive through our alumni association. The association keeps us united and helps us to develop our business actions even more.

Women Achievement Award

Anna Manoli

Digital Solution Consultant / Account Manager

I received a BSc in Computer Science and then An MSc in information Systems. My first full-time job was as a programmer. Through this position I developed my soft skills and progressed as a system analyst. My next job involved full time interaction with clients thought role a business consultant. I designed software based on clients’ business needs and goals. Today I am an Account Manager, proposing solutions to corporations ways to become Digital whilst optimizing their procedures.

I believe being part of the alumni association is about giving back. As an alumni you can offer practical support to students they start their careers and offer them guidance. Also being part of a large professional network is also a great resource for information interview and introductions.

My motto in life: “Work hard, work smart and work consistently”

Special Contribution Award

Christiana Pishia

Assistant Principal – Primary Education Schools

Η φοίτησή μου στο Ευρωπαϊκό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου (ΕΠΚ) μεγιστοποίησε τα ακαδημαϊκά προσόντα και τις ικανότητές μου στην Εκπαιδευτική Διοίκηση και Ηγεσία, καθώς έδωσε προοπτική στην επαγγελματική μου πορεία. Στο πλαίσιο των μεταπτυχιακών και διδακτορικών σπουδών στο ΕΠΚ, μού δόθηκε η ευκαιρία να αποκτήσω άρτια ενημερότητα στις Επιστήμες της Αγωγής. Ταυτόχρονα, η συστηματική μελέτη της θεωρίας και της πρακτικής υποστήριξε σθεναρά την ανάπτυξή μου ως εκπαιδευτικού και ως διοικητικού στελέχους.

Στο ΕΠΚ μπορεί κανείς να βρει ένα ακαδημαϊκό περιβάλλον, το οποίο ξεχειλίζει από σύμπνοια, συνεργασία και ατέρμονη διάθεση για συνεχή βελτίωση της ποιότητας της παρεχόμενης εκπαίδευσης. Η ανθρωποκεντρική προσέγγιση τόσο του διδακτικού όσο και του διοικητικού προσωπικού του Πανεπιστημίου αναδύει τον σεβασμό στη μοναδικότητα του/της κάθε φοιτητή/φοιτήτριας, καθώς αφήνει την ακαδημαϊκή ελευθερία να πρυτανεύει προς όφελος της έρευνας και της καινοτομίας.

Το ΕΠΚ κατέχει εξέχουσα θέση στην ψυχή και στην καρδιά μου. Ως βραβευμένη απόφοιτός του («Απόφοιτος της Χρονιάς 2016») αισθάνομαι ευφροσύνη, ευγνωμοσύνη και υπερηφάνεια για την επιλογή μου να φοιτήσω σ’ αυτό.

Alumni Awards Recipients 2015

Alumni of the Year Award

Giorgos Giorgakis

Managing Director, Eurosuccess Consulting

Giorgos Giorgakis is the founder and Managing Director of Eurosuccess Consulting. He graduated from European University Cyprus with a Master Degree (MBA) in Business Administration in July 2008. He has developed, managed and implemented more than 60 EU and National (FP, LLP, JUSTICE, ERASMUS+ etc.) projects since 2006. He has also developed various applications regarding both EU and National funding schemes for SMEs and physical entities, so as to create and develop their business operations and help them materilize innovative ideas and bring new projects to life. In addition, he has been actively involved in preparing and implementing public tenders especially in regards to HR Development, Management and Consulting. Lastly, he has been an evaluator for the last years, evaluating various proposals under the programs of Lifelong Learning, ERASMSUS + & EEA and Norway Grants.

In an effort to support the efforts of his fellow alumni, Giorgos works with the philosophy that when one develops, others grow and develop with them. Each and every one can cooperate and provide services to each other, according to our competencies and experience; in this way we fill in the gaps and weaknesses as well as invest further opportunities and potentials. The same added value shall be provided to us and our organization..

My motto in life: “Everything happens for a reason!”

Alumni of the Year Award

Natassa Theodosiou

Physics Teacher
A’ Techical School of Limassol  & B’ Technical School “Grigoris Afxentiou”

I am a Physics Teacher. I have studied Physics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and I hold a Master Degree in Educational Leadership (EUC). I am also the Deputy President of Cyprus Crohn’s and Colitis Association and EFCCA Board Member.

In 2015 I have received the Award “Alumni of the Year” from the EUC Alumni Association for my efforts to inform Cyprus society about the needs of people with IBD. Also, in 2016 I have received the Award “Youth of the Year” from the Cyprus Youth Organization and the Cooperative Central Bank Cyprus for my efforts and commitment, speaking up for people with IBD and raising awareness.

It’s important to engage with the alumni association because you keep in touch with the university, other young and active people. It also gives opportunities to alumni in order to present their work and take part to seminars aiming life long learning.

Motto: "Be the change you want to see" / "Life takes GUTS"